Our Brands

On page rocks logo

Onpage Rocks is a Technical and Server Log Analysis Agency. The agency works both directly with clients or white label analysis for other agencies. 

Coreter Media Logo

Coreter Media is a full-service digital marketing agency which helps a wide range of small and medium-size business with their digital marketing. 

The Camping Agency Logo

The Camping Agency is the latest digital marketing agency to be launched. Around 30% of Coreter Media client base we’re in this niche and we made the decision to create a bespoke agency to purely help camping sites and holiday parks with their digital marketing to grow. 

Encome Limited Logo

Encome Limited is a subsidiary of Coreter Limited. Encome limited is where we run and manage all our Eccomerce businesses through. Using our agency expertise we manage several eCommerce businesses. We do often purchase under-performing or struggling e-commerce businesses and turn them around.

Our Name

The story behind the name. Coreter is actually our CEO and founder two sons names merged. Corey and Carter. For the full story behind the name visit http://coreter.co.uk/coreter-limited-the-story-behind-the-name/

Other Websites

We also run a few other websites – these are more for fun and testing our skills than for business purposes.

Air Beneath my feet logo

Air Beneath my feet is our Founder Andy Halliday’s charity site. He aims every year to do at least one (crazy) event every year. He blogs about it here and you can read about it.

The Stat Geek Logo

The Stat Geek is a passion project of our Founder. He loves doing Skys Super 6 every Saturday but wanted to try and predict all 10 fixtures and Champions League Fixtures. It launched in 2018 to a few of us in the office and a few mates. Maybe next year we will promote it more, but we expect teething problems so wanted a soft launch.

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