Coreter Limited, pronounced core ter and I have heard it several different way is actually named after my children. My two little boys Corey and Carter.

Me and a good friend of mine Asa was trying to think of a business name but was struggling – you see Coreter is more like a holding company for some of the other businesses I run, rather than a trading company and the businesses are quite diverse and open to growing into new channels, markets and areas where I think we can make a difference.

I had a business which has previously failed and this time I was determined to make a success of it. If your interested in reading why the business failed, head over to my blog its a very honest and open article.

But he did ask what my childrens favourite fruit was, Orange – I work for Satsuma Loans which is a type of Orange so this didn’t sit right, and the other is an Apple. There is a small company all ready operating under the name of Apple – you might have heard of them.

But it did get me thinking, why  not name the company after my boys, this way I would have something I could give them in later life.

There was a few options, either the names we’re all ready taken or just didn’t fit right. Then one Friday on the train home after having a few beers Coreter came to me, the name was available with companies house so I went with it.

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